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a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling;

the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form

From an early age until early adulthood, I engaged in rigorous ballet training. Like many on the path, I experienced physical and emotional pain along the way. Over time, I unconsciously created more and more distance between my mind and my body as a way to manage the pain and disappointment. This was only furthered by the social and cultural pressures I felt around me. As a result, I gave more and more status to my mind, prioritizing intellectual pursuits. I was constantly at war with my body, pushing her to be something she wasn't; ignoring messages she sent signaling that I was out of alignment with my heart and soul. I didn't know it at the time, but I had completely severed my connection with my body to cope. I had become disembodied. When the alarm bells of anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue began ringing loudly enough, I began a long, nonlinear journey of healing that ultimately led me back home to where my deepest intelligence resides: my body.


Having explored many different modalities within healing and soul-centric spaces both in deep study and practice - including yoga, meditation, psychology, somatic experiencing, among others - I've found that the most profound transformation happened when I directly engaged my body and nervous system in the conversation. Through breath, movement and sound, I discovered the body's innate intelligence to release old, unconscious patterns and stories and return to an essential wholeness with tremendous wisdom and creative capacity. While mindset-based practices have been an important part of my transformation journey, it was only when I learned to cultivate an authentic, deep relationship with my body that true healing took place, paving the way for me to manifest a life beyond anything I could have ever dreamed up with my mind. 


My body has shifted from a feeling like a prison to an endless well of creativity and wisdom. The spectrum of sensation I experience on a daily basis is my compass. I no longer solely rely on external authorities to tell me how to live; my body is my greatest guide. 



The path of healing and wholeness can be gentle and pleasurable when the body leads the way. 

The body is always prioritizing our health and wholeness. She communicates needs and desires through sensation and emotion (energy in motion) that regenerate and sustain her. She tells us when we are in alignment with our soul's call. She's speaking a language many of us have never been taught or have been encouraged to ignore to keep up with cultural and social pressures. I help people reconnect with the voice, language, vocabulary and beauty of their body through the Ishtara Method. 

The Ishtara Method is a path of gently returning to your body through breath, movement and sound. It is a path where you learn to come into greater resonance with essential nature and make art of every experience; where you become art.


Body Alchemy is a course that teaches you how to transform your mental, emotional and relational patterns in your body. With a small group of women, we will explore embodying and transforming emotional and energetic patterns in the body through artful and expressive movement. We'll explore principles of the body, nervous system and emotional states, but most importantly, I'll invite and guide you to explore your relationship with these aspects of yourself in your own, intuitive way. You'll have an opportunity to witness other women in their exploration, and be witnessed in return (in my experience, this is very much part of the magic and medicine). 

  • Each Body Alchemy class is limited to 6 people. Part of the beauty and richness of the class is that it takes place within a small, group container where you will have an opportunity to connect with, witness and relate to others as they explore and deepen into their bodies, emotions and essence. (Note: if you identify as non-binary and are interested in this work, please reach out to me directly at to explore which container would feel best for you; I would love to work with you!)

  • This course sets the foundation for future practice by sharing essential principles and practices around how to cultivate and regulate a resilient nervous system. Therefore, it is essential that you can attend all 6 sessions

  • You will receive a 100+ page guidebook, curated music, and individualized coaching and support throughout the class series. 

  • The class is $800Payment plans are available.

  • Classes will be conducted virtually on Zoom. You will need privacy, a reliable internet connection and access to Spotify. 


Body Alchemy

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Body Alchemy


6pm-8pm EST

September 11 - October 16th

Practice Series


6pm-8pm EST

September 13 - October 18th


Body Trinity is a follow-on course to Body Alchemy that explores your "body personality."  Your body personality comes from the way your body learned to cope and defend. We will meet your "Protectresses" and your "Liberators," to make way for your Creatrix to emerge. Through embodied archetype, we will explore how coming into deeper, healthy relationships with all the different facets of your body and nervous system enables you to meet and transform your life, and ultimately create from a place of deep embodiment. This class supports students to deepen into the areas of life where they feel resistance, and develop the capacity to run new states in the body with the love and power to return to freedom and joy.

  • Each Body Alchemy class is limited to 6 people.

  • You must complete Body Alchemy prior to this class. ​​

  • You will receive a guidebook, curated playlists for each archetype, and individualized coaching and support throughout the class series. 

  • Exchange: $800 

  • Classes will be conducted virtually on Zoom. You will need privacy, a reliable internet connection and access to Spotify.




Students who have completed Body Trinity have the option to continue on to a series where they will deepen into their individual practice within a small group container. This is a beautiful opportunity for students to maintain accountability and receive tailored guidance to support specific threads they are working with in their lives.

  • Each series is limited to 6 people.

  • You must complete Body Alchemy and Body Trinity prior to joining a series. ​​

  • You will receive individualized coaching and support throughout the class series. 

  • Exchange: $400 

  • Classes will be conducted virtually on Zoom. You will need privacy, a reliable internet connection and access to Spotify. 


Practice Series


4-6pm EST

January 15 - February 19, 2024

Practice Series


6-8pm EST

January 17 - February 21, 2024


White Fabric

The process of working with Kathi and discovering ishtara has been monumental in my current journey. It feels incredibly divine that it came into my life when it did, and has been part of a bigger initiation of knowing & TRUSTING my body and its connection to spirit and the natural world. Ishtara has given me an outlet for a wild creative force that I didn't know where to put before- a rekindling of a primal and knowing nature. It feels like a huge exhale that I can continually come back to, and also, dig up more gold from within, over and over again. It's magic. Kathi makes you feel so held, seen, empowered and beautiful all at once. She coaxes you to explore your edges in the most loving and safe way, with such good insights to share along the way. She can read bodies like an intricate map, and is incredibly wise at helping you to find the flows to take you beyond to find your own essence. She also knows how to create an incredibly safe and loving container of women, so that we can all experience each others fullness and growth, side by side.

molly r


If you have question or are interested in learning more, reach out and set up a time to connect! 


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