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a process of transformation from one form to another;

a profound change from one stage of life to the next

I offer a limited number of immersive containers to support individuals in regenerating and transforming themselves at the deepest levels.


I integrate and customize my full body of work for each individual, orienting to their unique context, potential, intentions, needs, and desires. This includes but is not limited to exploring essence through sacred systems (human design and astrology), lunar immersion contemplation, somatic embodiment work and nervous system attunement, mindfulness practices, rituals, and immersive experiences in nature as gateways for activating dormant creative outlets.  All of this work is held within a regenerative paradigm, which calls for building and establishing new capacities within yourself and your life to generate greater vitality, while continuing to evolve.

This is a deep, devotional space for individuals ready to transform holistically and fully. We will look beyond your next job or relationship. We will see into who you are at your core and remember your essential nature as a pilot light for how you move through the world authentically and coherently.  

If you are interested in this path, please reach out to me directly to schedule a time to connect and explore working together.

immersive mentorship

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