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experimental, exploratory and evolving

musings and perspectives

through mixed media

Join me in a conversational space where I will be sharing emergent musings and art forms inspired by deep explorations into essence, nature, embodiment, and a poetic way of living.


Over the last six years, I have devoted myself to exploring the multi-dimensional nature of life, a kaleidoscopic nature that is mirrored within me, and you.  In a space of deep incubation, I’ve ventured beyond the known edges of my experience into more mysterious territories. I've followed threads within and between embodiment, modern and esoteric sciences, art, poetry, ritual, sacred systems, spirituality, archetypal psychology, living systems, and regenerative design.  I’ve been guided by tradition, teachers, students, and Nature herself, including my own body and the timeless wisdom encoded into her.  The deeper I go, the more mysterious and magical life has become.



I believe we are living within a time where we are being asked to undergo deep metamorphosis:  a necessary regeneration that will ask us to see how we see, think about how we think, and feel beyond the edges of our current sense of ourselves to connect to a greater potential that is being born through us, as us.  A process that will ask us to discover where we really begin and end.  I believe artful, embodied expression is an essential doorway that invites each of us into a spaciousness beyond all form where we can open our eyes a bit wider; where the aliveness needed for this journey is reborn.


'Instability'   :   February 2019

I am fascinated by the way artists are holding and regenerating a collective conversation that invites greater seeing and sensing within the vast and growing complexity of life, while simultaneously touching unifying themes that transcend, never tiring across space or time.  This conversation is well underway within me and I desire to open it up to touch and be touched by people, places, and unexpected encounters that evoke freshness through this portal of mixed media.



These days I am orienting to rhythm over routine, so I will be following natural flows, which is deeply influenced by the cycles of the moon, to guide the release of new Turnings.  I would love to hear from you along the way and deepen into the conversation, together.  What are you seeing sensing, feeling that opens up the collective aperture to deeper Truth and greater Beauty?


'Duality'   :   February 2019

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